Sell Your Car

Sell Your Car to Portner Motors

Portner Motors will simply buy your car. We will assess your vehicle on the spot and even pay off any existing loan. You’ll avoid the stress of advertising and the worries of meeting with unknown buyers and the hassle of negotiating.

Sell Your Car on Consignment with Portner Motors

We will use our expertise to prepare your vehicle to be sold. We handle all test drives, buyer inquiries, financing applications and DMV. Portner Motors has a professional customer service team, a safe and well-lit lot, and an attractive website that all help advertise and sell your vehicle. Your car will be listed on an average of a 40 websites including,, and

The consignment price is typically 20-25% over trade value. We sell your car for a prearranged fee (usually 10% of sale price).

Vehicles requirements for sale on consignment include:

Proof of ownership
The vehicle must meet quality standards for Portner Motors
Signed consignment agreement

Trade Your Car To Portner Motors

Portner Motors offers the highest trade-in values in the industry. The value of your trade-in will reduce the sales tax liability on your transaction.